Blå blixt

Book design including the cover and insert for Swedish publishing company Brombergs. My partner Sepidar Hosseini (2typer) and I manage the art direction and graphic design for their annual publication Blå blixt (Blue lightning), an anthology of work by up and coming writers. The first book is titled Hallon och bensin (Rasberry and gasoline) and the second Mot denna sol (Towards this sun).

Ingen rök utan mareld_3.indddensistafastakontinentenDSC1103DSC1100DSC1117Ingen rök utan mareld_3.inddhallon_och_bensin_2-copyhallon_och_bensin_4-copyBlå blixthallon_och_bensin_3hallon_och_bensin_6 copyhallon_och_bensin_9hallon_och_bensin_13-copyhallon_och_bensin_10